Air quality forecast for cities and urban agglomerations

Air quality forecast for cities and urban agglomerations

Are you concerned about air quality? Are you satisfied with the air quality information at your disposal?

There are two comprehensive sources of Air Quality (AQ) Data in Europe. First, the Member States operate large and complex monitoring networks that measure AQ. Since decades, concentrations of pollutants such as SO2, NO2, CO, PM10, PM2.5 and Ozone have been automatically monitored by governmental agencies throughout the EU. This data are high quality point data, i.e. it shows data at the location of the monitoring stations only. Second, a multitude of initiatives generate spatial AQ information using complex and expensive dispersion models for a given region, country or even for whole Europe.

But are these data easy accessible, or are they meaningful for the place where you live?

The project Air Quality Information Services (AQUISS) is developing a novel concept to deliver air quality information for an urban agglomeration.

„Air Quality information service as simple and reliable as a weather forecast“

The AQUISS methodology will deliver this to end users avoiding the need to have complex infrastructure and dispersion models in place.